“I wanted to give ‘credit’ where ‘credit’ is due”

I wanted to give “credit” where “credit” is due and give not only a public thanks but also an endorsement for a professional who helped change my life. 2 years ago I went to pick out my wife’s engagement ring only to meet the embarrassment of credit denial. At that point I began the process of improving my credit. Even with a background in dealing with people with credit issues I struggled for a year only to see my credit dangling around a sub par 620 FICO score. Than I decided to reach out to a friend reluctantly to help me figure it out. After 15-20 minutes into my consultation not only did she identify what I couldn’t see as the problems, but also outlined a detailed plan of action to fix it. Over the course of 3-4 months we had several steps to take care of and she handled every step just as promised. Then the change began. She assured me my credit score would rise and it did! As high as 770! ( prior to Christmas) Now I never have to be concerned about credit denial again. Have over 40k in available credit at my disposal in just 1 year! 2017 my goal is 800. It never would have happened if I didn’t invest in resolving my credit situation.

I highly recommend Jenique Jones and her services. Very professional, trustworthy and delivered! As a person who loves giving great service I enjoy every bit more to be on the receiving end. Thanks Jenique!

William Alexander Jr.