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Credit Problems Can Affect Anyone.

Lehigh Valley Credit Restoration offers a unique, personal approach to clients of diverse economic backgrounds. Our staff handles each client on a case by case basis, and provides the best advice and services to improve your credit at a pace that works for you and your lifestyle.

We’re proud to say that we have over 25 years of combined experience, and have a phenomenal reputation throughout the community.

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Our CEO Jenique Jones has been featured in Lehigh Valley Business’ Forty Under 40 Awards. Click the icon below to view the insert.

What We Do

Plant The Seeds For Your Financial Future

First we review and analyze your individual credit reports from Equifax, Transunion and Experian. Then provide you with a Credit Repair Plan (CRP). This is a list of all of the negatives on your credit, anything in collections etc. We do not disturb active good credit and always advise our clients to continue to pay their regular bills on time. Next, we assess your current financial status. We run what’s called a DTI (Debt to Income) analysis, this determines what’s going out of your home bill wise, and what’s coming in income wise.

From there we determine how much you can put towards your credit on a monthly basis, (without negatively affecting your current finances). The CRP will have all the collections listed smallest to largest. One by one, we contact each one (at your pace) and negotiate and settle them for less. This includes any collections, hospital bills, outstanding bills etc. There’s only one way to fix your credit, and that’s to pay back who you owe. Sending out letters to “challenge” debtors (which you know are yours) or other ways people have been told to fix their credit do not work, and end up costing people further issues. Our staff is well informed, and educated about the credit laws. 7 years after the date of last activity, collection agencies cannot continue to report to your credit. Initially when we run your credit, we’ll advise you of when certain negatives are due to come off of your credit. We will work around those items, and pursue their deletion further into the service.

At the same time as we are breaking down the bad credit, we’ll help you build and establish new good credit. Many people don’t understand that breaking down the bad credit is only half the battle. Rebuilding new positive credit is just as important. Lastly, we provide a “Credit Book.” This is an organized way to pay your bills on time, consistently and proficiently. I personally created it many years ago. It’s simply a binder with all of your finances listed on a calendar, with due dates and other financial details. I use it for myself daily. It’s a practical (but very productive) way to manage your finances, without the “you can only spend $10/week on this or that” approach. I’ve found that while creating a budget is achievable, following a strict one is almost impossible, (for myself included). Our credit book will retrain your mind to pay your bills, prior to spending unnecessary funds. If you are one to pay late fees and overdrafts, this will be a thing of the past.

Once all of the items are paid, we then contact the 3 credit bureaus and file “disputes.” This simply means to inform the credit bureaus of what’s been paid. Unfortunately, many collection agencies disregard that step,and although paid, those items continue to negatively affect peoples credit. It’s our job to make sure all items are properly updated on your credit. The results come back within about 30 days, (45 days max). Once updated, your FICO credit scores will continue to rise.

We are a small, family owned biz with an excellent reputation. You will enjoy working with us. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years, and have never had an unsatisfied customer. Our staff is made up of awesome individuals who love to help people. We understand and respect that there are lots of great people with bad credit. All of our customers (who were dedicated and willing) and which complete our program, go on to buy homes, open business’, invest in real estate, or whatever their desires were when they started. 🙂 Our mission is to not only repair your credit, but also restore the insecurities which come with having bad credit. Most people have been told many times that they don’t qualify for something, or that they have bad credit…But not many have been advised on how to fix it. That’s our mission.

It’s a full service, one stop shop. I hope this answers all of your questions. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns.

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“I wanted to give ‘credit’ where ‘credit’ is due”

I wanted to give “credit” where “credit” is due and give not only a public thanks but also an endorsement for a professional who helped change my life. 2 years ago I went to pick out my wife’s engagement ring only to meet the embarrassment of credit denial. At that point I began the process of improving my credit. Even with a background in dealing with people with credit issues I struggled for a year only to see my credit dangling around a sub par 620 FICO score. Than I decided to reach out to a friend reluctantly to help me figure it out. After 15-20 minutes into my consultation not only did she identify what I couldn’t see as the problems, but also outlined a detailed plan of action to fix it. Over the course of 3-4 months we had several steps to take care of and she handled every step just as promised. Then the change began. She assured me my credit score would rise and it did! As high as 770! ( prior to Christmas) Now I never have to be concerned about credit denial again. Have over 40k in available credit at my disposal in just 1 year! 2017 my goal is 800. It never would have happened if I didn’t invest in resolving my credit situation.

I highly recommend Jenique Jones and her services. Very professional, trustworthy and delivered! As a person who loves giving great service I enjoy every bit more to be on the receiving end. Thanks Jenique!

William Alexander Jr.

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